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~Hoshi ga furu basho~

Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow but vision

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My new love~
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He's so awesome!!! HiroC~ Love his smile <3

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Yay!! Since I'm in love for a loooooooooooong time with his friend and partner - or whatever we should call this relationship (Ono Daisuke that is) - maybe we can arrange a double date? What would you say? :D

Fan of OnoD, huh? I can see why... and hell yeah for double date :D

Btw, do you happen to listen to Dear Girl ~Stories~? It's really funny... they're so good together :D

So we have a deal - now it's just the matter of settling the time and place. And bringing the guys there, but that's a minor problem :p

Yup, I've heard about the Dear Girl ~Stories~, and I listened to the pieces I managed to find on YT (not many though) - they sure make a great combi :D

Kamiyan is such a cutie <3333333333333

he sure is... and i soooo love his voice <3

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