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Stalking my own journal
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So, i was kinda stalking my own journal and i realized a horrible horrible thing!!! i haven't been here for almost 10 months... /dies in shame

and it's a little bit kind of time to correct that...
so many things had happened... i managed to make a cute japanese boyfriend (who.actually.likes.smap// i'm gonna die), who's back in japan much to my disappointment... i quit the job in japanese restaurant i was so enthusiastic about /the owner turned out to be pretty much of jerk, but who could have know that, right?... i stopped fansubbing and i have to admit i damn miss it and kind of disappeared from fandom as well (actually from all fandoms) /feels freaking ashamed
you could say i just so don't have time... i'm working at the bookstore i was working before, and it's pissing me off like hell, cause i have the responsibility for whole store... i mean, i'm opening and closing the store, ordering books and all that stuff and it's fucking scary, cause i really don't wanna screw up, but hey, you would say, at least you have good money... hah, i'm having the same salary as any other part-timer... screw it really... i'm going by with "there's just one month left, you can handle one month...", but hey, it means i'm just in the half... T_T

that's a lot of me... considering i don't like writing about me...
but there is one more freaking important me... as some of you who are following me on facebook /cough/ g_pumpkin /cough/ may know already....

I'M GOING TO STUDY IN JAPAN FOR A YEAR!!!!!! Now, tell me that dreams don't come true LOL... i'm going to be in the same country as SMAP for a whole year...the most awesome/slash/amazing/slash/fabulous/slash/motherfuckingadfhdjghuehasj thing is that i'm going to get the japanese government scholarship, which means not only i won't have to pay for school, not only i won't have to pay for dorms, not only i will be getting money to live there, not only they're gonna pay for my plane ticket /seriously/, but they will also pay me money, when the school is over and i will be traveling around japan during my summer holidays... i mean... WTF?! O.o not that i'm complaining...

Actually during last semester at school we were writing a test that should decide who will get go to japan, and i pretty much failed that... well, not really failed like failed, but i was seventh and thus i didn't have much of chance to go to japan... and if, it would be for half of year or so... and that was why i decided to challenge the test made by japanese government... and i went there, knowing it's fucking hard and thinking i had no chance and then i actually passed and now i'm just waiting till they let me know to what uni i will be going... it's fucking marvelous... and thinking about it, i'm much more luckier than my schoolmates, that are going through the school, cause they will have to pay for living there themselves... hah hah hah!   

so, that's pretty much all for my 10 months of absence

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just one word:


Hahah! Yea baby! Get the government to pay for it! Sooooo freakin' awesome!!! Couldn't be any happier for you!!! Keep us posted!!

i so will... i made a blog which will be in czech, so i guess i will be posting in here in english, just for you all ;)

well seeing that czech isn't my native language i definitely appreciate the english posting. LOL!!!

Good for you on the scholarship! Congratulations!
Have a great time in Japan! ^^

thank you, i'm sure i will have :)

Gosh, that's all kind of awesome! Congratulation!!!

I suddenly got so excited as if it was me getting my dreams come true since you did it, maybe I will be able to do so one day too Anyway - I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!
Now, you will have to maintain the journal and keep it updated on regular basis - and if you will get a chance to breath the same air as SMAP - inhale like crazy!!!!!!

maybe i will inhale all the air in japan :D (i'm so planning to enter fuji tv fanclub and smap fanclub, when i got there... and i will so pray about being able to go to bistro as an audience)
thank you, i'm sure you will be able too ;)
i will be posting regularly... i made a blog (in czech) for myself as well, so i hope you will enjoy reading about japan here ;)

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