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smap jump
Big thanks to hereticpop for beta-reading and encouraging :)

It's a sequel for this sweet awesome masterpiece of hereticpop : with a little help of my friends


It happens three weeks after Nakai took Goro for dinner.

Goro is sitting in his dressing room, sipping on his regular morning cup of coffee, when Tsuyoshi shows up. No one can say Inagaki Goro doesn’t learn his lessons. Something on Tsuyoshi’s face makes him put the coffee away, he really wouldn’t want to ruin his second most favorite pair of trousers.

“What’s wrong?” he asks Tsuyoshi with encouraging smile. Something in the way Tsuyoshi ogles the floor like it’s the most interesting thing he has ever seen in his life makes Goro think he knows what it’s gonna be about.

“You know...” Tsuyoshi starts reluctantly, “Nakai-kun and I... we were talking... and he said you had given him some good advice...”

Goro sighed. Since when did he become a SMAP expert on blowjobs? As far as he remembered Kimura-kun was... Goro shook his head to get rid of that thought.

Tsuyoshi was looking pretty desperate, but Goro wasn’t really in the mood for ruining a batch of completely nice cucumbers again, not to mention that it was pretty much a pain in the ass to explain to SMAPxSMAP staff what happened with so many cucumbers that disappeared from Bistro set even though none of the members was actually using them in their meals that week. He really doesn’t want to go through that again.

“Look,” he smiled at the younger member that was still immersed in studying the floor. “Shingo is a really simple-minded guy. He will be pretty happy about anything you do as long as you put your feelings into it—“ something on Tsuyoshi’s face made him stop.

His younger fellow member was fidgeting, red crimson spreading across his usually paper white skin. “Actually, you know... Nakai-kun and I... We were talking about our solo costumes for upcoming con...”

Yes, no one can say Inagaki Goro doesn’t learn his lessons. Like listening to others until the end.

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