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Like I Need Another Obsession
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so, i watched "avengers" (no, don't be scared, i watched them before already, i'm not that late :D), but i watched them over and over... and of course at first i loved loki... oh, god, who wouldn't love loki... i've loved loki from the mythology, loki written by neil gaiman and of course loki in "thor" (other than that the movie is almost unbearable)... so, there's no chance i wouldn't like loki in "avengers".... but, the thing is the more i watched the movie, the more i started to like ironman... *sigh* and that's when the downfall started... i watched "avengers" and listened to all those puns of robert downey jr and i thought to myself "hey, i haven't watched "ironman" yet"... so i watched it... both of the movies... and then i watched "ally mcbeal" 4th season, reason? guess who plays larry? *ehm, ehm* next to watch was "sherlock holmes" both movies, "charlie bartlett", "fur: an imaginary portrait of diane arbus", "due date" and "soloist"... (watching at it now, i really wonder how come i managed to watch it in two days...)
and who is the linking person of those movies?
so, now the question is what the hell am i supposed to do, cause what i really don't need is another obsession... one is enough, thank you...
/and totally irrelevant but am i seeing a pattern here? another one married with two children...  

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A-ha.... I was lost for the first time after Ally McBeal... So I can feel your pain...

lol, i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one :D

lol, that's the same path i followed with Tom Hiddleston after watching Thor & Avengers (including watching old tv shows and basically anything i can put my hands on with him)
BUT I LIKE ME SOME RDJ TOO. and his Ironman is the motherfucking win of the universe, trufax.

/stanning married men is the best actually ;D

if you ever have time, just watch "due date" it's just an awesome movie (and he's so fhacking hot in it)
you know, we're just so lost... :D
/so true :D

*adds to scarily long movies-to-watch list*
we're beyond lost, we're in the abyss of completely and utterly fucked 8DD
/high fives :*

*nods in approval and understanding*
yeah, there's no way back, once you get on this way 8D
/yay ;*

btw, i just remembered; as far as recommending RDJ movies goes, watch Wonder Boys! one of my all time favourite movies, it's absolutely brilliant.

LOLLLL! You and me, bb, you and me~ xDDDD I totally fell in love with RDJ as Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes... Went on a binge and watched all his movies, and died at his Season 4 appearance in Ally McBeal because not only is that man charismatic and a good actor, he is also a fantastic singer~ ♥ Do you like his singing? Cause he's actually released an album before... xD

i know right? i watched ally mcbeal before and DIDN'T REALIZE!!! unbelievable...
and yeah, i'm so in love with it.... so far, my favorites: Man like me, The Futurist, Smile (all from the album) and the duet with Sting he has sung in ally mcbeal is one motherfucking awesomeness

Edited at 2012-08-26 04:06 am (UTC)

bb, i have a question... you're the only person i know (i've spoken before) who has some level of rdj mania... and i wanted to ask... do you know in which episode of ally macbeal he was singing a song called "snakes"? cause i'm kinda rewatching the singing parts now, and i can't find this one... maybe i'm just crazy... dunno...

Gomen, bb~ Went to Japan for a week, and my e-mail was flooded with work documents went I came back... Just got around to finishing my email checking today >.< *super disorganized*

I'm not sure actually... When I watched Ally Mcbeal, I was using this site as a song list check:

The main ones are listed here... xD

"Man like Me" gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And, I love, love, love "Smile" and "Futurist" too~ ♥ (Actually, I kinda love the entire album :P LOL!)... And, apt comment on his duet with Sting is apt... xD I also really love him singing "Chances Are" (which I kinda can imagine Tony Stark singing to Pepper in a moment of "forgive-me-for-being-stupid-again" kinda thing... LOL!)~ ♥

no problem *so envious of you to get to go to japan*
wow, it's really useful "Snakes, an original song never used on the show."... hmmm, so much for my looking :D

actually maybe it's me completely reading to deep into it, but every time i listen to "man like me" it makes me think that it's song written for susan :D
(lol, now the image of tony stark singing something to pepper to apologize is just way too surreal... btw, if he were to sing something, it would have to be rock... sorry...:D)

(i know, i've been listening to the album only since i've downloaded it... it's getting scary :D)
(i actually cut him singing in ally mcbeal and put it into my mp3 player... i also love him singing the song in ep 7... dunno the name, the one from bruce springsteen

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