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~Hoshi ga furu basho~

Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow but vision

My new love~
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He's so awesome!!! HiroC~ Love his smile <3

Stalking my own journal
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So, i was kinda stalking my own journal and i realized a horrible horrible thing!!! i haven't been here for almost 10 months... /dies in shame

and it's a little bit kind of time to correct that...
so many things had happened... i managed to make a cute japanese boyfriend (who.actually.likes.smap// i'm gonna die), who's back in japan much to my disappointment... i quit the job in japanese restaurant i was so enthusiastic about /the owner turned out to be pretty much of jerk, but who could have know that, right?... i stopped fansubbing and i have to admit i damn miss it and kind of disappeared from fandom as well (actually from all fandoms) /feels freaking ashamed
you could say i just so don't have time... i'm working at the bookstore i was working before, and it's pissing me off like hell, cause i have the responsibility for whole store... i mean, i'm opening and closing the store, ordering books and all that stuff and it's fucking scary, cause i really don't wanna screw up, but hey, you would say, at least you have good money... hah, i'm having the same salary as any other part-timer... screw it really... i'm going by with "there's just one month left, you can handle one month...", but hey, it means i'm just in the half... T_T

that's a lot of me... considering i don't like writing about me...
but there is one more freaking important me... as some of you who are following me on facebook /cough/ g_pumpkin /cough/ may know already....

I'M GOING TO STUDY IN JAPAN FOR A YEAR!!!!!! Now, tell me that dreams don't come true LOL... i'm going to be in the same country as SMAP for a whole year...the most awesome/slash/amazing/slash/fabulous/slash/motherfuckingadfhdjghuehasj thing is that i'm going to get the japanese government scholarship, which means not only i won't have to pay for school, not only i won't have to pay for dorms, not only i will be getting money to live there, not only they're gonna pay for my plane ticket /seriously/, but they will also pay me money, when the school is over and i will be traveling around japan during my summer holidays... i mean... WTF?! O.o not that i'm complaining...

Actually during last semester at school we were writing a test that should decide who will get go to japan, and i pretty much failed that... well, not really failed like failed, but i was seventh and thus i didn't have much of chance to go to japan... and if, it would be for half of year or so... and that was why i decided to challenge the test made by japanese government... and i went there, knowing it's fucking hard and thinking i had no chance and then i actually passed and now i'm just waiting till they let me know to what uni i will be going... it's fucking marvelous... and thinking about it, i'm much more luckier than my schoolmates, that are going through the school, cause they will have to pay for living there themselves... hah hah hah!   

so, that's pretty much all for my 10 months of absence

Maybe this karma thing really works
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so,okay... when i left the work i got a phone call from a person who had found my wallet... so hooray,i have all my cards back... or at least you would think
well, they've already sent me my new insurance card, so i will be getting that one...

anyway, i got back home and called the number i had gotten from the policeman who was put on my "case". another policeman took the phone, apparently because the first one was home. well, i was a bit confused cause he had told me that i HAVE to discuss all thing relevant to the case with HIM and no one else, but it's hard to do when his next shift is on sunday, so screw it... i told the new policeman what's new and he told me to go back to the police station (basically at the same street as the restaurant i work at hooray), so i went there and spent whole fulfilling afternoon waiting. cause what's more fulfilling than waiting, right? well, at least i had nice talk with reception lady... 
to make long story short, i had to sign another paper, at least THIS policeman had a basic knowledge of grammar... thanks lord... and he told me that my id is not valid anyway... so hooray, i will have to make a new one... *sigh* and i was so happy i wouldn't have to bother... well, at least the new ones they make actually FIT your wallet!!!

so much for having fulfilling afternoon devoted to translating

I knew the lucky wave i was riding on had to disappear sooner or later...
smap jump
it was actually later than i expected...

2 years of happy running of restaurant and not a single ball pen was lost and i work there for two weeks and i get someone to steal me a bag... and yes, it was a bag full of stuff to school, so yes, i'm gonna have to buy new stuff... and yes, i had my wallet in there, which means i had pretty much all important cards like id, the card of my insurance, my student card to school, my travel card, and yes, my bank card as well in there... sucks, i will have to make new ones for all of those YAY... oh, and did i mention my keys... so, hello changing the locks YAY YAY

but what fucking pisses me even more, is the fact that it was my 2top SMAP bag T_T ... and that i had my "Mind the gap" London keychain in there T_T and that i had my Yamato card case in there T_T and that i had a rubber i got as a prize in sort of competition last year from a professor i srsly have a crush on in there... T_T T_T

and what for? For stupid fucking 300 (which is some stupid 10 pounds... srsly?) i mean, comeon, i'm gonna spend more money for restoring all those stupid cards i had in there... hah hah hah

and the best thing ever was i spent some nice almost-an-hour-minutes with a policeman, whose grammar was worse than what i've  seen in my whole life... i mean, i was kinda in high rush of adrenaline, but still i wanted to ask him if he wants me to correct his grammar before i sign the testimony... it's almost embarrassing to sign something like that

but a good thing.... my boss gave me some money in advance with words "it's bad for you that you don't have any money now, here you go"... so, it's nice to know you work for someone who doesn't screw you up completely


smap jump
Big thanks to hereticpop for beta-reading and encouraging :)

It's a sequel for this sweet awesome masterpiece of hereticpop : with a little help of my friends


It happens three weeks after Nakai took Goro for dinner.

Goro is sitting in his dressing room, sipping on his regular morning cup of coffee, when Tsuyoshi shows up. No one can say Inagaki Goro doesn’t learn his lessons. Something on Tsuyoshi’s face makes him put the coffee away, he really wouldn’t want to ruin his second most favorite pair of trousers.

“What’s wrong?” he asks Tsuyoshi with encouraging smile. Something in the way Tsuyoshi ogles the floor like it’s the most interesting thing he has ever seen in his life makes Goro think he knows what it’s gonna be about.

“You know...” Tsuyoshi starts reluctantly, “Nakai-kun and I... we were talking... and he said you had given him some good advice...”

Goro sighed. Since when did he become a SMAP expert on blowjobs? As far as he remembered Kimura-kun was... Goro shook his head to get rid of that thought.

Tsuyoshi was looking pretty desperate, but Goro wasn’t really in the mood for ruining a batch of completely nice cucumbers again, not to mention that it was pretty much a pain in the ass to explain to SMAPxSMAP staff what happened with so many cucumbers that disappeared from Bistro set even though none of the members was actually using them in their meals that week. He really doesn’t want to go through that again.

“Look,” he smiled at the younger member that was still immersed in studying the floor. “Shingo is a really simple-minded guy. He will be pretty happy about anything you do as long as you put your feelings into it—“ something on Tsuyoshi’s face made him stop.

His younger fellow member was fidgeting, red crimson spreading across his usually paper white skin. “Actually, you know... Nakai-kun and I... We were talking about our solo costumes for upcoming con...”

Yes, no one can say Inagaki Goro doesn’t learn his lessons. Like listening to others until the end.

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rdj worshiping post 2
iron man
okay, so yesterday, i got home from a job interview in my most favorite japanese restaurant in prague a little bit too ecstatic... well, the reason being is i got the job and i'm starting on october and it's my first ever job i'm actually LOOKING FORWARD TO. and it could be also because the restaurant is just amazing and do you know how the staffs make a breakfest for each other in aji ichimonme, so after every shift you actually get to eat with the rest of staffs and it's so sweet and so japanese-like and godican'twaittostartworkingthere

so, anyway, as i was saying before interrupted by my thoughts... i got home way too ecstatic and nothing good comes when i'm too ecstatic, except this time actually a good thing came from it andgodi'mbabblingagain,toomanytonystarkfanficsisruiningmylifesrsly

anyway, i made another tony stark worshiping shirt... (took quite a long to get to the point, huh?)... and i'm kinda starting to wonder how many more will come to the collection... not that i'm complaining :D



okay, maybe i went a little bit overboard with the heart, but whatever :D

and yeah, i did shamelessly copied the font of stark tower sign... sue me :P

rdj worshiping post
smap jump
okay, so it's been a while i've got into rdj and it's been a while i made this shirt, but i was a little too lazy to take pictures of it, not to mention to make a post... :)
just this little

(gif credits: hereticpop)

so, i made a shirt... 




i'm kinda proud about it :D

Like I Need Another Obsession
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so, i watched "avengers" (no, don't be scared, i watched them before already, i'm not that late :D), but i watched them over and over... and of course at first i loved loki... oh, god, who wouldn't love loki... i've loved loki from the mythology, loki written by neil gaiman and of course loki in "thor" (other than that the movie is almost unbearable)... so, there's no chance i wouldn't like loki in "avengers".... but, the thing is the more i watched the movie, the more i started to like ironman... *sigh* and that's when the downfall started... i watched "avengers" and listened to all those puns of robert downey jr and i thought to myself "hey, i haven't watched "ironman" yet"... so i watched it... both of the movies... and then i watched "ally mcbeal" 4th season, reason? guess who plays larry? *ehm, ehm* next to watch was "sherlock holmes" both movies, "charlie bartlett", "fur: an imaginary portrait of diane arbus", "due date" and "soloist"... (watching at it now, i really wonder how come i managed to watch it in two days...)
and who is the linking person of those movies?
so, now the question is what the hell am i supposed to do, cause what i really don't need is another obsession... one is enough, thank you...
/and totally irrelevant but am i seeing a pattern here? another one married with two children...  

Gift of SMAP lyrics
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because a certain person said she would be impatiently waiting for someone to translate it, i decided to do it... it's awesome anyway

I skipped sakasama no sora and gift, cause they were subbed already, i'm sure you will forgive me :)

say big thanks for scans to g_pumpkin as per usual

Awesome new album... sigh... i wanna go to the con T_TCollapse )

smap jump
 okay, this was so not inspired by this :D not at all...this and the fact that shingo-bb chose kim as a "lover" in his Sma Feeling Five :D

Sibling: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Katori Shingo.
Best Friend: Inagaki Goro
Lover: No one
Husband: Kimura Takuya
Distant relative: Nakai Masahiro

Tsuyoshi and Shingo are siblings set. And me as oldest daughter watching them from the flag. Goro, who has same O blood group as me, has similar hobbies as me, so I think he would be my best friend even if I were a woman. It's okay for Nakai... to be something like distant relative (laughs). And me as a husband, someone who I'm dating for the rest of my life, I guess.

special huge thanks to dictionarysays who always makes my english sound much more better

Past and Present Loves 

When Kimura was filling out the Sma Feeling Five he already knew that it was going to bring him nothing but trouble. He was prepared for trouble.

But what he wasn’t prepared for were the other four members waiting for him in the corridor leading to his dressing room, when he arrived to Fuji TV for SmaSma filming.

Nakai’s face was as dark as his cute face could get, Shingo looked like he could burst into tears at any moment. Only Goro was smiling his gentle smile and Tsuyoshi was indifferent as usual.

“Are you kidding me?!” Nakai was the first to speak. “Distant relative? Seriously? After all these years? Distant relative, seriously, Kimura?”

“How could you say I’m your little brother? How could you?” Shingo turned his puppy eyes on him.

Kimura closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “And what did you want me to write?”

They all watched him. “An ex-boyfriend?” Nakai’s face was turning a deep red.

“Random post-break up quickies?” Goro’s smile didn’t shiver a bit.

“Or a current boyfriend?” Shingo’s kicked puppy look turned into a shiny and bright smile in the blink of an eye.

“Or...” Kimura looked at Tsuyoshi who was still. How come he and Tsuyoshi never...? Kimura shook his head and made a way through the wall his members had made

“Let’s get some work done,” and he disappeared into his dressing room.

Shingo looked at Nakai, who was fighting hard with embarrassment. “So, you and Kimura-kun, hm?”

“Shut up, Shingo.” Nakai turned around to get prepared, Shingo on his tail teasing him.

Goro smiled at the frozen Tsuyoshi and pat his shoulder before he followed the other two, leaving Tsuyoshi all alone.

And then Tsuyoshi remembered that he’d actually wanted to ask Kimura-kun about the dessert they should make for Bistro.