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~Hoshi ga furu basho~

Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow but vision

SMAPxSMAP Book Vol.1 Pink - SMAP Special 5 Shot Talk Part 1
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okay, i'm supposed to be studying for my kanji exam next week :( but yeah, i'm convincing myself that this is actually a training... unfortunately it isn't cause the kanjis we're studied are completely different!


When you heard about the start of show how did you feel?

Nakai: The beginning of show, huh... What I remember is that we were mostly desperate! At that time, we felt like we wanted to play around and rest as well. But we felt that until we finish the base, we can't stop. Because it's not like you can do skits or anything on a whim, so I guess that thinking at home became important. I have the feeling I was really aware of the fact that "The time you spend at home is really important."
Kimura: At that time we didn't have any idea how will the people in front of TV, who were watching us would feel. Or rather, because we didn't know at all what kind of people are the viewers of SmaSma yet, the things we suggested and talked about the staff thoroughly made them into shape. But, I had the feeling of setting traps on grassy place (laughs)
Inagaki: In my case, having the first regular show in golden time made me really happy and aware of it, but I didn't realize it completely I think... Thinking about it now, it's scary (laughs)
Kusanagi: Yeah, I remember I was unsure. At that time, it was unprecedented that idols would do a one hour long variety show on Mon9. But even though we didn't know right from left, saying "Let's do it! It's gonna be fun!" what an amazing spirit we had (laughs).
Katori: I felt "We did it~!", but at that time when we were doing "Otomatsu-kun" (1) during antecedent "Yume ga MORI MORI" (2), the producer at that time Murai-san (3) was scolding us a lot (laughs). But thanks for the scolding that time, it was shown more interestingly and we learned to think about things thoroughly, I guess. He was really serious.
Inagaki: I think Murai-san's existence was big for SMAP. I'm really thankful that sent us, the beginners in skits, on course.
Nakai: It began in April 1996, right? On 5th year after debut of SMAP, and we finally were riding on the railtrack, after a month of beginning of show, a big incident happened... It was really deeply memorable, right?
Kimura: I did "Furuhatake Takusaburou" (4) during the first airing. Because the role Tamura (Masakazu)-san did, was really catchy, and it's really memorable how I lent the costume and acted in it. And also, it started on the same day as Long Vacation (5) and I was so unsure about people watching SmaSma as a following extension... As for me, I think it was one of the reasons I didn't know how I should start SmaSma. Saying drama and variety, because the time only was directly connected thinking about how I should exist on the filming site was a strange feeling. I probably wouldn't be able to just go there and back as if it's nothing.
Inagaki: Ah, that's right, SmaSma and Long Vacation started at the same time. How nostalgic.
Kusanagi: They showed some videos from those times during the episode last time (6), right? When watching it, everyone was young, but in looks only, the feeling didn't change at all, rather, right now, everyone is young in their thoughts, I guess?
Katori: It might be true. I was re-assured that we have show made by excellent staffs. Everyone just normally continued until now, with filming two days in a week (7). I was said by a lot of people "You're filming one episode of variety show for two days? It's amazing!", but we always did it like this, so it's completely natural, when I think about it now, we could never make SmaSma in one day filming.
Kimura: We're fixed as actors there, but you can feel how mood changes in parts of filming site. It might be because the staffs are more experienced than us, even so I think it's okay for SMAP to be like SMAP. How should I put it, we must not become SMAP-"san". When staff brings a plan with words "Could you do this?" at that time they bring it after considering merits and demerits, of course when we propose any idea, they seriously try to fulfill it as much as possible, but when we ask "In that case, wouldn't it be better to do it this way?" lately, there's more staffs who is surprised saying "Eh? Is it okay?" It seems that there's a lot of times that make me think "You wouldn't ask" coming this far, but we actually get hook on anything (laughs). See, we did show up covered in gold (8) when SmaSma started, right? I think it's okay to do something like that even now.
Inagaki: Eh~... Covered in gold is a bit... (all laughs) But when you think about it, until now, everyone really challenged a lot of skits and established a lot of characters.

(1) In Yume MORI, SMAP originated skit characters they also release CD as "Smile Warrior Oto ranger".
(2) Variety show aired at Fuji TV in Saturday night during 92~95. Moriwaki Kenji, Moriguchi Hiroko and SMAP appeared as regulars. Shortened as "Yume MORI"
(3) Murai Akihiro-san. Current Fuji TV's Composition Office Chief. He's also a devoted up-bringing parent of SMAP.
(4) Parody of drama "Furuhata Genzaburo" with Tamura Masakazu in leading role.
(5) "Long Vacation" - drama with Kimura as a leading actor. A big hit, that started at the same day as SmaSma. It created a lot of social phenomenons.
(6) "The National All At Once SmaSma Test" aired on March 26th. As they showed some past videos, they answered on quiz considering them.
(7) It's usual that present varieties film 2 shows every other week, but SmaSma is filming two days every week.
(8) The poster of show was made with a picture of all members' faces covered in gold on top of that they wore sunglasses. You can check those visuals on page 69.

and a bonus... touchy kim :D

Part 2 to come....

Messages to SMAPxSMAP from members Shingo-bb part
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and the last one...


For me SmaSma is a place where I think.
Thinking about skits, thinking about meals,
thinking about what to do when we perform new song,
I'm thinking about a lot.
It always connects to thinking about current SMAP.

Messages to SMAPxSMAP from members Tsu part

As a group, as a show,
and the things that were piled up show up like annual tree rings.
Seeking heart and spirit of inquiry increases more than in young years.
If you think about SmaSma like that,
the word documentary is just perfect, don't you think?

Messages to SMAPxSMAP from members Poodle-chan part
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my favorite actually

It's house, or more likely home.
When you get back you can relief and relax as well, in a good way you feel nervous as well...
Such almighty place is SmaSma, I guess.

Messages to SMAPxSMAP from members Kim part
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he really likes gardening

SmaSma is "a field"! It feels as if we're entrust with it.
When the staff who is working with us together, or when something keep going, it's something like nutrition in soil.
On contrary now, I feel sensitively about requests poured on our field,
Softly growing the crops we have to furnish them.
Once we do, I would like to go with organic furnishers.
It's a place where we can deliver a message to people even if only few seconds earlier,
for fans it's something like meeting room,
and it also feels like a place for rendezvous.

Messages to SMAPxSMAP from members Nakai-bb part
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so, i gave up studying for my philosophy exam... i'm gonna fail anyway... so, let's have some fun at least...

SmaSma is a show where we can do skits.
If the five of us appear on music show, we can sing, but
we can't do skits with all of us elsewhere than SmaSma.

SMAPxSMAP Book Vol.1 From Katori Shingo to Nakai Masahiro
Kim Kono toki
The last one... you know, anything is better than writing an essay for philosophy


From Katori Shingo to Nakai Masahiro

I think Nakai-kun is a person who knows looseness other people seek for.
If I had to choose I'm the type of person who thinks everything thoroughly, but
Nakai-kun, whether for SmaSma of other shows,
because loose place is loose, he perfectly makes that looseness.
The feeling of slipping out, or if you imagine the feeling of clothes fitting, being good at unfastening it.
I think that the way he judges that it's okay to entrust things to the atmosphere of the concrete place is wonderful.

It's amazing how he takes on the opponents
from child actors to famous actors every week during Bistro MC.
There's Nakai-kun's characteristic looseness,
I feel relaxed while listening to it, I can study my own talk like that as well,
and that talk is interesting, so I also laugh while cooking.

I think Nakai-kun's original characters, Maabo, or Calculating Mako-chan,
were born because he wanted to do those skits,
but when I think about SmaSma as a whole, because there was something like that,
I can do Katsuken as a parody.
Right now, Nakai-kun and "Showa Jidai" parody is really popular, but
I want to see original like Maabo again.
Nakai-kun's skits feel like they hit the right place, and because I feel really happy when watching them,
when I think about other member's skits I always wonder what would they be able to do?
I kind of want to ask Nakai-kun
When you think about me, Kimura-kun, Goro-chan and Tsuyopon,
what thing would make you say "If you did this, wouldn't it be good?"

The last, with Katori it became a shot of the two of them with a short sense of distance as if they were siblings

SMAPxSMAP Book Vol.1 From Kusanagi Tsuyoshi to Nakai Masahiro
Kim cutie

From Kusanagi Tsuyoshi to Nakai Masahiro

Nakai-kun is a person, who becomes the center.
A lot of different guests is coming to Bistro everytime,
Nakai-kun is talking with them about a lot of things while we're cooking,
and it feels like he decides the direction of progress by doing so that day.
Maybe just by doing that we can be reassured and talk with guests and it helps us that way.
And what's more, really amazing people are coming,
but Nakai-kun is interacting with them all alone.
I really think it's amazing.
If it were me, I would be really nervous. (laughs)

Each of us is challenging the skits
it's not like we're dividing the roles or so, but
when you think about it Nakai-kun is doing a lot of
SmaSma's skits that are representing an era.
Like "Showa Jidai" now.
Maybe Nakai-kun himself have a strength to
born those big skits.
And also, when I'm watching Nakai-kun's skits
I make a discover like
"Ah, this kind of parody works well as well" a lot.
Because parody penetrating into the society is not an ordinary thing,
after all it's an amazing power. I really admire to that.
For pushing safely through the entertainment,
I believe that the most important is laughter.
And I think Nakai-kun is a person who can push through safely.

Having them lean on each other while sitting, for some reason their facial expression became similar, strange guys. If they got close too much, they would hit their heads.

SMAPxSMAP Book Vol.1 From Inagaki Goro to Nakai Masahiro
Kim "So embarrassing~"

From Inagaki Goro to Nakai Masahiro

Watching Nakai-kun, who is always controlling Bistro as the Owner
I always feel
how should I put it "Penetrating awesomeness", I guess.
Essentially when he moves as our core,
it's a bit embarrassing to say it usually but, I'm always thankful
and say "Thank you" in my heart.
Actually it would be better to say it out aloud (laughs).
And what I think is the best about it,
is that thanks to Nakai-kun who always pulls us with him and is taking control,
in eyes of society a group called SMAP
seems to be always progressing.
At least that's what it feels like to me.

For example in gym, you're often said by coach
"It will be okay after three months. If you overcome it
it will feel good.", aren't you?
It's not that good example (laughs),
but after all "continuing is important".
In our case it's not three months, that we continued until now,
and from now on we will hold a responsibility and have to continue as well.
Nakai-kun, thank you very much for always teasing me!
I'm really thankful!
From now on, in a good way let's not change, give some provocation,
once in a while, let's get nervous and let's continue having fun!

Nakai as well was smiling at Inagaki who was puting his hands on his shoulders and who was taking different actions

SMAPxSMAP Book Vol.1 From Kimura Takuya to Nakai Masahiro
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guess what, i'm supposed to be writing my essay on philosophy... hah hah


From Kimura Takuya to Nakai Masahiro

At the beginning of SmaSma, I felt a lot of deformation in the characters Nakai acts.
And it escalated more and more to the point where I no longer recognize the origin.
I think that that resolution dragged the rest of us along with him.
And also, I think he pretty likes dressing like woman.
He probably enjoys that as well himself, doesn't he (laughs)?

Nakai experiences a lot of others shows apart from this, right?
And it feels that he brings the things he cultivated elsewhere
to SmaSma pretty much.
He thinks about SmaSma pretty much I guess.

He has a role of Owner in Bistro SMAP
And even now without any change he won't stand in kitchen,
but I think "How it feels to watch kitchen from above?"
When the guests enters, it changes,
but do the things Nakai sees change as well...?

Comparing with me,
the capacity of his one week schedule is unbelievable.
What I want to tell him now is "Be careful not to ruin your body", only that I guess.
We should both be careful
so we won't trouble our team.

The photographing with Nakai & Kimura, who arrived first, was in pose where they standing next to each other, lining their shoulders like classmates

pic credits to g_pumpkin


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